Streetwear has become a core component of many fashion players, including brands with no prior history in the market’s ecosystem. For this reason, Streetwear is at tipping point which presents an opportunity to create new differentiations and definitions of “street cred”. Historical leaders such as Supreme and BAPE will continue to co-exist with a new generation of brands combining Streetwear’s culture with the planet’s wellness, as concerns for the environment continue to bring people to take collective action.

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The proliferation of imagery reporting the impact of climate change has led to a desire - through fashion - to come to terms with growing ecological concerns experienced as Geo-trauma. This becomes the point of departure for concepts of survival played out on the streets, with style codes directly connected to Streetwear. Some are more dystopian than others, but ultimately all aim to find solutions and raise next level awareness


Customisation used to mean chasing colours, styles, adding details.

Now it means full stream transparency and direct to consumer speed.

The streetwear and sneaker consumer’s expectations will develop around an ‘intimacy’ with the network of production, forming the new D.N.A. of the brand. Already they don’t just expect to purchase a product but involve themselves in the socio-political activity of the consumption process.


Before the Internet of Things and the era of cultural aggregation, the codes of Luxury and Streetwear were living separate yet parallel lives.
Streetwear was lifestyle insider-focused, built around know-how and exclusivity, very similar to the Luxury model, yet accessible and deeply tied with lifestyle. With the growth of menswear, casual clothing and social media amplification, the cultural status symbols of Luxury and Streetwear

have merged.


Streetwear is a product of authenticity and credibility which is often appropriated from other fields, such as when North Face became a coveted streetwear staple.

Today’s influence is possibly shifting somewhere else, with the new authenticity bound up in environmental concerns, climate anxiety, toxicity which are already being strongly expressed in Art, which has always been a driver for streetwear and fashion at large.

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The D.N.A. of streetwear has been shaped by Surf and Outdoors culture which co-exists intimately with nature. Streetwear has not been known for being a champion of sustainability. Brands should also amplify their successful models such as customisation, drops and second-hand to seamlessly shift to more sustainable and purpose driven activations.




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